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Phosphate Increases The Concentration of Sodium (!) in The Blood

A previously undiscovered role played by the hormone FGF23 has now been discovered in a project funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. Scientists were already aware that greater quantities of this hormone are produced when there is too much phosphate in the blood plasma and that it reduces the absorption of this mineral from the urine. The new results now also show an effect on the absorption of sodium.

    Proteins: New class of materials discovered

Thanks to certain helper substances, in PCFs proteins are fixated in a way so as to align themselves symmetrically, forming highly stable crystals. Next, the HZB and Fudan University researchers are planning on looking into how PCFs may be used as functional materials. Their findings are...

  J&J brings its Care4today mobile adherence programme to the UK  
  Lilly invests in UK life sciences via biotech fund  
  GSK plans to sell off older products  
  AstraZeneca rejects Pfizer's final £69bn takeover bid  
  As Pfizer fights it out in Britain, US lawmakers are making their move in the long game  


Miriam Monge to Join Sartorius Stedim Biotech as Director of Marketing for Integrated Solutions



Australian mHealth Technology Company Leading Global Charge to make measurable change to Parkinson’s disease



Stemedica International Announces Pre-clinical Data of its Alzheimer’s Study


  Fujirebio Europe updates its market-leading INNO-LIA® Score strip portfolio  


FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies Expands Cell Culture Manufacturing Capacity with Addition of Two New 2,000L  Single-Use Bioreactors



Roche and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research Partner to Develop Genomics Technologies for Targeted Epigenomic Analysis



Oxford BioMedica plc Directorate change



FDA Approves Genentech’s Avastin Plus Chemotherapy for Treatment of Advanced Cervical Cancer



Active Biotech's partner Teva initiates a laquinimod clinical trial in Huntington's disease




TATAA Biocenter Approved by French Ministry as an Organization Carrying Out R&D Activities for Private Companies

  New enzyme targets for selective cancer therapies


Thanks to important discoveries in basic and clinical research and technological advances, the fight against cancer has mobilized into a complex offensive spanning multiple fronts. Work happening in a University of Alberta chemistry lab could help find...

  New insights into Ebola infection pave the way for much-needed therapies


The Ebola virus is among the deadliest viruses on the planet, killing up to 90% of those infected, and there are no approved vaccines or effective therapies. A study published by Cell Press on May 7th in the Biophysical Journal reveals how the most ...


Team determines structure of a molecular machine that targets viral DNA for destruction


With a featured publication in the Aug. 7 issue of Science, Montana State University researchers have made a significant contribution to the understanding of a new field of DNA research, with the acronym CRISPR, that holds enormous promise for fighting infectious diseases and genetic disorders.

  See-through organs and bodies will accelerate biomedical discoveries


The ability to see through organs and even the entire body to visualize long-range connections between cells as well as fine-grained cellular structures has been...

  A map for eye disease


Understanding eye diseases is tricky enough. Knowing what causes them at the molecular level is even more confounding. Now, University of Iowa researchers have created...

  Age of puberty in girls influenced by which parent their genes are inherited from


For the first time, Spanish researchers have detected an unknown interaction between microorganisms and salt. WhenEscherichia coli cells are introduced into a droplet of salt water and is left to dry, bacteria manipulate the sodium chloride crystallisation...

  Bacteria manipulate salt to build shelters to hibernate


For the first time, Spanish researchers have detected an unknown interaction between microorganisms and salt. WhenEscherichia coli cells are introduced into a droplet of salt water and is left to dry, bacteria manipulate the sodium chloride crystallisation...


Mechanism that prevents lethal bacteria from causing invasive disease is revealed


An important development in understanding how the bacterium that causes pneumonia, meningitis and septicaemia remains harmlessly in the nose and throat has been discovered at the University of Liverpool's Institute of Infection and Global Health.

  DNA origami nano-tool provides important clue to cancer


Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have headed a study that has provided new knowledge about the EphA2 receptor, which is significant in several forms of cancer. This is important knowledge in itself – but just as important is how this study, which is published in the highly respected journal Nature Methods today, was conducted.


'Molecular movies' will enable extraordinary gains in bioimaging, health research


Researchers today announced the creation of an imaging technology more powerful than anything that has existed before, and is fast enough to observe life processes as they actually happen at the molecular level.

Over-activity of enzyme HDAC6 exacerbates symptoms of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis


Scientists at VIB and KU Leuven have demonstrated in fruit-flies that over-activity of the enzyme HDAC6 in the nerve ends exacerbates the symptoms of the neurodegenerative condition Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS / Lou Gehrig's Disease). Inhibition of this enzyme could offer a protective effect against ALS.

  Decoding characteristic food odors


How are we able to recognize foodstuffs like strawberries, coffee, barbecued meat or freshly boiled potatoes by smell alone? Foodstuffs contain more than 10,000 different volatile substances. But only around 230 of these determine the odor of the food we eat. Narrowing it down further, between just 3 and 40 of these...


Scientists identify new pathogenic & protective microbes associated with severe diarrhea 


In a finding that may one day help control a major cause of death among children in developing countries, a team of researchers led by faculty from the University of Maryland, College Park and the University of Maryland School...

Linking Real World Data with Reimbursement Decisions
11 September 2014
  Classical clinical trials and conclusions drawn from them are seen as not always useful aid for health care decision-making. The real-world data should provide the missing piece of information. How to improve the stakeholder dialog?
  Sanner surpasses 55 million Euro mark  
  Sanner GmbH, a manufacturer of high quality plastic packaging and components for pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products, topped the 55 million Euro mark and set a new sales record in 2013 (2012: 50.6 million Euro). This development was supported by a clear brand positioning with the new slogan "Sanner. Protecting Health" and substantial national and international investments.  
    Nanion Starts Shipping the SyncroPatch 384 Patch Engine – a Revolutionary Instrument for Giga-Seal, Automated Patch Clamp-Based Ion Channel Drug Screening  

The brand-new SyncroPatch 384 Patch Engine (PE) now released by Nanion Technologies propels ion channel drug discovery to a new level. Designed for seamless integration into process-automated drug screening environments, the Patch Engine is equipped with 384 patch clamp amplifiers and an advanced 384 channel liquid handling robot.

  AdiStem Announces PhotoActivated PRP Getting Superb Results on Joint Pain  

AdiStem Ltd., a provider of PhotoActivation Technology and medical solutions that assist in orthopedic, cosmetic, neurologic, pulmonary, metabolic and plastic/reconstructive surgery procedures, announces today that photoactivated PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) prior to injection reduces pain and accelerates healing.

BioTech 2014: Bioprocess Analytics and Sensor Technology
04-05 September 2014
CMC Analytical Comparability Masterclass
18 – 19 September 2014
2nd Annual Congress of the European Society for Translational Medicine & Global Network Conference on Translational Medicine (EUSTM-2014)
22-25 September 2014 
5th Biosimilars & Biobetters
29-30 September 2014
Ph.D in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Pathology
Business/ Clinical Director
Senior Executive Human Resources
Looking for a PhD position or a job in any lab
Marketing and communications professional with intern experience in pharmaceutical marketing and drug development

Biological scientist with huge background in Molecular and Cellular Physiology

Bsc in Biomedical Engineering Technology
MSc in biotechnology
Scientific Officer
Regulatory associate
BSc R&D Biotechnology
M. Sc. in Biotechnology
Senior Scientist in Life Science
Scientific Officer
Research Scientist with over 10 years of interdisciplinary experience and expertise in molecular biology, virology, immunology and biochemistry
Post doctoral associate at Rockefeller University
Business Development Professional looking for employment in Belgium
Expertise in Plant Technologies and Conservation
Section Head
Business Development Professional
Highly talented Protein Biochemist
Ph.D. ( medical genetics )
Phd student in Nano-science center




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